Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General conditions AlpAdventures

The participant in tours of the AlpAdventures organization agrees with the following general conditions that apply to all trips and events of AlpAdventures.

Article 1: Booking

The travel agreement comes about through the acceptance of AlpAdventures of a telephone or electronic registration by the participant. Telephone registrations can only take place directly at AlpAdventures. Electronic bookings take place by sending an e-mail via electronic mail, these are definitive when sent. The so-called 'cooling-off period', which is referred to in the law 'buying at a distance', does not apply to voyages booked through electronic mail at AlpAdventures. Acceptance by AlpAdventures occurs or in writing by means of an invoice or by telephone through the office, after which an invoice is also sent. The person who (also) books a trip for other participants (the main booker) is jointly and severally liable for the (payment) obligations of the (co-) participants.

Article 2: Payment

After receipt of the invoice, the deposit must be transferred to the account number of AlpAdventures within 10 days; ABN AMRO Rotterdam, account number: 57 19 55 754. The deposit is € 100, - per person per booking in case of a theme trip. The remainder of the travel sum must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure. For bookings less than 6 weeks before departure, the entire travel sum must be paid in one go. If these conditions are not met, AlpAdventures has the right to cancel the registration, without this signifying that the participant is exempted from the payment obligation. All costs that a collection and / or bailiff procedure entails are at the expense of the participant.

Article 3: Preferences

AlpAdventures tries to meet the wishes of participants as much as possible. In order to be entitled to a wish that results from an agreement between the participant and AlpAdventures (and thus forms part of the travel agreement), this appointment must be stated on the invoice and the later received travel documents.

Article 4: Travel documents

If the participant has complied with the payment obligation, he will receive the necessary travel documents no later than 5 days before departure. These are sent to the head booker by E-mail (for the benefit of all co-companions). The participant must inform AlpAdventures without delay if he has not received the travel documents no later than five days before departure.

Article 5: Changes by the traveler

A request to change the booking can only be made by the lead booker. Requests for changes by the participant are possible if these have been made known to AlpAdventures two weeks before the start of the trip and only possible after consultation with AlpAdventures against payment (if applicable) of the additional price. AlpAdventures is in principle not necessarily obliged to accept changes. In addition to the (if applicable) additional price, € 20 will be charged per modified booking to cover change costs. If and insofar as a change involves a total or partial cancellation, article 6 applies to the canceled part.

Article 6: Cancellation by participant and in place

AlpAdventures only accepts cancellations by e-mail, which are also requested by telephone. The date of the E-mail is the cancellation date. If someone else is unable to attend, someone else can take the place. This request must be submitted no later than seven days before the day of departure by E-mail and also by telephone, with the substitute taking over all obligations and paying € 20 (in the installation) costs. However, the original (main) booker remains responsible for the fulfillment of (payment) obligations of the person who is put in its place.

In all other cases, AlpAdventures will owe the premium for any cancellation insurance, the administration costs and the following cancellation costs:

In case of cancellation:

Up to and including the 42th day before departure: The deposit of € 100 up to a maximum of 30% of the total travel sum

From the 42nd day until the 21st day before departure: 50% of the travel sum

From the 21st day until the last day before departure: 75% of the travel sum

On the day of departure or later: The full travel sum

For a (group) accommodation booked with AlpAdventures: If a traveler from a travel party cancels his contract for a joint stay in a hotel, apartment or chalet, he is charged a cancellation fee.

Up to 42 days before departure, these cancellation costs are: The deposit amount divided by the number of participants.

From the 42nd day until the 21st day before departure: 50% of the travel sum per participant

From the 21st day until the 7th day before departure: 75% of the travel sum per participant

From the 6th day before departure: The full travel sum

The quotation and invoice price is always based on an occupation with an x number of persons. If the size of the remaining party is changed, AlpAdventures will prepare a change proposal for the same period and in the same accommodation for the remaining traveler (s).

If the change offer is not possible or not accepted, all agreements will be canceled and all travelers will be charged cancellation fees.

Article 7: Cancellation by AlpAdventures

AlpAdventures has the right to cancel a trip in case of insufficient participation. If AlpAdventures decides to cancel a trip, all funds already paid will be refunded by AlpAdventures. Participants will be informed of this at the latest 2 weeks before departure.

Article 8: Nuisance

A participant who causes nuisance or inconvenience in such a way that a proper execution of the journey is severely hampered by this, can be excluded by AlpAdventures from continuing the journey. All costs arising from this will be borne by the participant.

Article 9: Complaints

Complaints must be reported immediately to Arno or Jessica from AlpAdventures and on the spot. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, the complaint can be submitted to AlpAdventures by e-mail within one month after the end of the trip. Complaints that are not reported to the AlpAdventures tour guide at destination can not be processed.

Article 10: Transport prices

If the fuel prices increase by more than 5% and / or changes in legislation or collective agreement with financial consequences for bus transport, these consequences will be charged directly to the participant by means of a bus supplement. Of course, AlpAdventures will inform participants in this case immediately. AlpAdventures expressly reserves the right to change prices and arrangements if the situation demands it.

Article 11: Liability of AlpAdventures

Participation in a trip organized by AlpAdventures is entirely at your own risk. AlpAdventures is in no way liable for damage, theft, loss, injury or accident to the participant. Also, no liability is accepted for damage caused to the participant by using any accommodation provided by our organization, including, hotels, cabins, lifts, climbing and ski / snowboard materials, etc. Neither will AlpAdventures be held liable for delay and / or damage suffered by participants as a result of mechanical breakdown, border crossing, natural disasters (eg avalanches), revolution, warfare, strike, illness or other causes.

Article 12: Liability of the participant for materials

A participant, who makes use of rental materials or articles that are offered for free by AlpAdventures, must inspect these items for damage or if there is no distribution moment at the start of use. Should there be any damage to an item, this must be reported immediately to the tour guide and to the person providing the item. The participant must take care of the article that has been made available to him / her, he / she is responsible and liable for damage that has been made to the article, regardless of the cause of the damage or the personal involvement in the damage. The responsibility for the article runs until the re-entry and approval of the AlpAdventures tour guide, or re-entry by the supplier of the article.

Article 13: Liability of the participant for accidents

There is an increased risk in mountaineering (falls, avalanches, crushed stones, falling into a glacier crevice, altitude sickness, frostbite, etc.) on injuries and accidents. Despite the preventive and skillful actions of a teacher or mountain guide, this risk can not be completely reduced and excluded. The alpine residual risk must be borne by the participant. Also a fully qualified mountain guide or teacher is not infallible. In the high mountains he can be confronted with border situations that are not fully manageable. It is only his job to keep the risk to a minimum. The teachers and off-piste guides that can be booked through AlpAdventures naturally make every effort to conduct the tours in a safe and responsible manner. By booking a lesson and / or off-piste tour through AlpAdventures, are you aware of this and accept the increased dangers and risks of mountain and winter sports. AlpAdventures is in no way liable for accidents during trips with a teacher and / or off-piste guides, during summer and / or winter activities.

Furthermore, it is important to know that rescue and medical care in the mountains and remote areas can be limited and that even small incidents can have serious consequences. In this light, participants are expected to be responsible for their own behavior and adequately prepare for a trip.

Article 14: Program and price changes

All programs and prices of a named trip or event are subject to change. AlpAdventures reserves the right to cancel an activity, or trip, or to make changes to the journey, route and / or program, if there are reasonable grounds for doing so. (eg weather conditions, insufficient participants)

Price changes in relation to the stated amounts on a flyer, in a magazine or magazine or on the site of AlpAdventures are possible in the following cases:

  • Price changes due to third parties (lift- & hotel prices and prices of carriers)
  • Program changes due to weather conditions or insufficient participation.

Article 15: Insurance

AlpAdventures reminds the participant of the importance of taking out good travel insurance. The participant is responsible for taking out a sound insurance policy. AlpAdventures draws your attention to the fact that many travel insurance policies do not offer off-piste coverage and the costs in this case can run high. Always check your travel and health insurance on the current conditions in the policy. In addition, AlpAdventures points out to the participant that certain conditions are also attached to a cancellation insurance policy. The participant must inform himself of these conditions.

Article 16: final remark

Dutch law applies to all agreements between the (main) booker and AlpAdventures.

AlpAdventures strives for correct and up-to-date information, but can not guarantee that the information is correct at the moment it is received by the (potential) participant, or that the information is still correct over time. Therefore no rights can be derived from the information on the website and in other communicative expressions of AlpAdventures.

AlpAdventures accepts no liability for damage resulting from inaccuracies or dated information.